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PO Box 870315
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087
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Mary & Gwen is a all natural bath and body products company. We specialize in Sugar Scrub, Bath Salts, Personalized Party Favors, and Gift Baskets/Boxes.

As we all know, giving back to communities and supporting education is very important.  We also supply non profit groups, schools, churches, etc. with products for fundraising, Bed sheets, Bamboo Pillows, and of course our very own Mary & Gwen products.  Please see our fundraising tab for more information.



What People Are Saying.....

I got a scrub as a gift for the holidays, and have been stuck on them ever since. Recently moved to a dry climate, so I am stocking up for the winter. These natural scrubs far exceed my expectations, really keep skin moist and I have never used them before, now I can’t go 2 days without using it. I love it!!!!!!
— KS
These scrubs are awesome, I used these as favors for my brother’s wedding dinner party. The personalization was great and the quality was top notch. I loved dealing with Marley, she was so professional and getting her the details was simple and to the point. The turn around time was great as I left her with only two weeks to get them ready!! Will use again for any party or event. Awesome Service!!!
— AZ
I recommend these Awesome scrubs to everyone!!! I have used the Sweet & Fruity, Oatmeal Ylang Yllang and Coffee Slim Mint. Not only do they smell heavenly they really soften my skin! I am hooked and will continue to Use these products!”

”M&G scrubs are awesome....they leave my skin so soft and silky all day long and they smell great as well. I am hooked on M&G scrubs because no other scrubs that I have used compare to M&G. They also make great gifts especially with the holidays coming up.”

”What......!!!!!!!! Sensual Sandalwood is truly that. Sexy and Sensual. I felt very soft and sexy after this scrub. Very excited about this product every one every where MUST try this product PLEASE!!!!!! It will not disappoint you. Keep up the good work.
— A.S.R.
Gimme some sugah is awesome!! These natural scrubs make you feel good and smell good too! I’ve already tried 3 of them and the LAVENDER ROSEMARY is my favorite!!!!!! These scrubs are better than those that I have spent a lot of money for, so definitely a great buy. Don’t miss out on Gimme Some Sugah!!!
— J.C.
I am such a “scrub snob” and I LOVE M&G scrubs! I can’t even say I have a favorite because I’ve tried, practically, all of them and can’t decide! For someone who scrubs daily, I look for a scrub with the right combination of sugah (or salt) and oil to get my skin exfoliated but not dry...I’ve found THE place to get it! I use M&G scrubs and my skin does not need additional moisturizer/lotion. My skin feels hydrated and glows all day long. And the prices are great for such quality ingredients, to boot! Thanks M&G!
— O.A.
My auntie O came to visit and surprised me with a Tropical Mango scrub she raved about. I had never tried using scrubs before so I thought I’d try it. Wow, I am hooked! I felt so wonderful the entire day and smelled great! I never knew my skin could feel so smooth. I’m hooked!
— S.M.
I’m that person that LOVES body scrubs..DAILY,literally!! Upon trying “Gimme Some Sugah” from M&G, It’s a wrap, this is NOW my DAILY scrub. I absolutely LOVE it!The texture and smell is great but what’s so AWESOME is the way your skin feels...cleanse and buffer... it gets better..SOFT,SUPPLE & MOISTURIZED.
This is a GREAT SCRUB!
— A.B.
I absolutely LOVE these products! They are all natural, smell delicious and leave my skin incredibly soft. Using the Lavender Chamomile at night will give you an amazingly restful nights sleep. The body butter is my favorite in all the brands I have tried. Nothing works as well as Mary & Gwen for my dry skin. I am a forever customer!!!
— J.C.
First and foremost this Mary and Gwen product in my opinion is second to none ... I’m a rough & tough sort of guy who works long hours and I’m on my feet a lot so at the end of the day , I look forward to coming home and totally relaxing , but I was having difficulty doing so. And one day I was sharing this problem with a friend and they recommended that I start soaking in the bath tub and using ebsom salt ... Well it helped somewhat , but the effects wore of quickly . And then one day I came across Mary & Gwen Sugah or Salts and it changed my life ! I purchased both the sugah and the salt , ( I also suffer from chronic pain & headaches) and immediately I started to feel a huge difference , my skin was feeling much smoother and more importantly my pain had subsided !!! I highly recommend this product to any man or woman who wants there skin not only to look and smell good , but also to feel GREAT !
Thanks Mary and Gwen
Very satisfied ,
J. Reynolds